Here at PUSH we supply experienced guerilla marketing staff who have the energy, enthusiasm and confidence to create the buzz and hype required for your campaign.

Our staff have experience working on a variety of guerilla marketing activities such as PR Stunts, Flash Mobs, costume work and other forms of unconventional promotions.

We understand that staff for this type of activity need to be energetic, outgoing in order to create the hype and impact that is required.

We cover the whole of the United Kingdom and have a data base of over 3000 staff that have the skills and energy to effectively execute your guerilla marketing campaign. 


We supply guerilla marketing staff across the entire UK, including the following locations: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol, Bath, Southampton, Newcastle. Portsmouth, Brighton, Cardiff, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Leicester, Oxford, York, Cambridge and everywhere in between.



Our guerilla marketing staff can be booked to work at a number of locations such as train stations, city centres, sporting events, exhibitions, festivals and other events.


Our team is extremely versatile and many of our staff have been trained professionally in singing, dancing or acting which means they are outgoing and used to being the centre of attention. Our promotional models, brand ambassadors and promotional staff can be booked for any type of guerilla marketing activity.