Here at PUSH we are experts in supplying Surprise and Delight Brand Ambassadors nationwide

If you’re considering using “surprise and delight”, then you may want to consider outsourcing experienced brand ambassadors that can execute the activity effectively.

Surprise and Delight is an experience connection type that is utilised to create a lasting impact with the consumer. It’s where seemingly random but completely choreographed and designed connections are used to surprise consumers in order to create a connection. By surprising and delighting consumers with “random acts of kindness” the aim is to incite happy and positive feelings towards the brand.

A superb example of this marketing strategy could be viewed when we supplied our brand ambassadors to the Direct Line Listen & Respond Campaign (which was part of the Direct Line, Direct Fix Campaign). Over the 8 weeks the brand ambassadors hit the streets of London in branded 4x4s. Consumers within London were encouraged via Direct Line’s social media channels to tweet with their everyday emergencies. Once a tweet was received Direct Line responded with a “physical fix” in the branded 4x4s. The fix was delivered in a branded direct line box.

When selecting brand ambassadors for surprise and delight activity, they must have the right “brand fit”, must be skilled in working in Surprise and Delight activity and also have the right characteristics, for example they must be outgoing, excellent communicators and personable. The connection must be presented in a personalised manner that demonstrates that your brand has taken the time to be relevant and sincere.

Working with the right promotional staffing agency will help to ensure that you find the right types of staff to fit your campaign’s requirements. Here at PUSH we have worked with many brands and agencies across the entire UK and supplied them with experienced surprise and delight staff to work on their activity.

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