It is widely reported that experiential marketing coverts consumers into customers faster than any other form of marketing. Selecting the right experiential marketing staff is therefore essential in order to execute the campaign successfully.

What are Experiential Staff?

Experiential staff are workers that are involved in the field of moment-making where objective, sensory design elements come together to create an experience. They may be referred to as experience staff or brand ambassadors. They are often booked to work at live events, pop-up stores, trade shows, sampling tours and in-store/retail experiences.

How we can help?

We are a specialist staffing agency that provides nationwide experiential staff. With over 3000+ staff on our books we are able to work with our clients to ensure that we provide the most suitable personnel for their campaigns. We offer 24/7 support , dedicated account management and full detailed campaign reporting. We can provide the following:

✔ In-store/retail experience staff

✔ Pop-up staff

✔ Trade Show & exhibition Staff

✔ Sampling tour staff

✔ Product demonstrators 

✔ Surprise & delight staff

The Right Staff for Your Campaign

Over the last few years virtually every brand has adapted the marketing mix to accommodate experiential marketing. It’s therefore no surprise that brands are looking for skilled brand ambassadors who can engage with the consumer, drive lifetime brand value, website traffic and social media connections. They require skilled staff who can create live one-to-one connections with consumers and facilitate with the creating an emotional attachment with a product / service.

Service excellence and product quality are no longer sufficient to attract and retain consumers. Companies must offer in addition to their reputation and know-how, a rewarding and specialist customer experience. Customers are increasingly seeking immersion in varied and diverse experiences in order to seek out multiple new meanings in life. Hiring the right experiential staff will therefore assist in giving a company an undeniable competitive advantage and build a strong relationship with their customers.

Selecting the right brand ambassadors will be dependent on the elements of the campaign. By looking at the type of “connection” that is trying to be achieved then the right staff can be selected.  For example, if a more information centred connection “educational connection” is required, then the brand may select experienced product demonstrators to teach consumers about their product, brand or category; a consumer who understands a product is much more likely to buy it.

Should the brand require a different type of connection such as a “surprise and delight” connection, which is when the brand use the art of surprising someone as a catalyst for connecting with them and creating a memorable impact, then a different type of staffer may be required. Here the brand may be looking for outgoing, proactive, confident brand ambassadors to effectively execute the surprise and delight connection.

Working with the right staffing agency is essential when selecting the right experiential marketing staff for your activity. Here at PUSH we can assist in finding the right brand ambassadors to meet your specific campaign requirements. We work with a variety of the World’s biggest brands and supply experienced staff across the entire UK.

Why Book Experiential Staff?

  1. They can help drive lifetime value – live experiences are hard to forget. Using the right experiential staff may create an immediate bond with customers and generate a more substantive relationship with them.
  2. They can help multiply engagement – The right experiential staff will ensure customers are engaged more during experiences and this may mean that the customer may share their experience with more people.
  3. They can help raise awareness – the right staff can turn prospects into aware customers, who understand the products/service and may actually make purchases.
  4. They can accelerate purchases – research shows that experiential marketing converts consumers into customers faster than any other type of marketing.



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