We were appointed to supply our finest brand ambassadors for the “Who Says No To Mentos?” campaign at Grand Central Station. The campaign covered three 10 hours days, with 11 brand ambassadors (BAs) and 1 event manager (EM) working each day.

The aim of the campaign was to bring people together and open up a conversation through the product. The BAs were extensively trained on the campaign objectives which involved getting the Public on board with the Mentos Slogan “Who Says No” and generating positive PR channelled through social media and word of mouth.

The brand ambassadors sampled tubes of Mentos to the general public passing through the station and also participated in an additional experiential element to the campaign, which involved encouraging the public to record GIFS of themselves. There were three photo stations throughout the station, including a giant Mentos tube which also housed a photo station. Once the public recorded the GIFs of themselves they were then displayed on the Media Eyes, which were situated at the entrance to the station. The animation rolled over 60 seconds and contained eight of the latest GIFS every minute.

The campaign created 1000s of live, one-on-one interactions over the 3 day campaign.


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